B2B Sales Force Effectiveness for Mid Market Companies

Enhance Sales Force Effectiveness for Predictable and Sustainable Results

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A truly effective sales force requires
more than just great salespeople!

Mid-market B2B companies looking to achieve consistent and long-lasting success must ensure that decisions about sales strategy, team structure, compensation, market targeting, and performance management align with the organization’s overall goals, driving predictable and sustainable results in the sales department.

Services tailored to your unique needs.

Management Consulting

Tailored advice and practical solutions designed to meet your unique business needs and growth objectives.

Go To Market Strategy
Go-To-Market Strategy

Enhance your market strategy with an optimized channel mix, strategic customer segmentation, compelling value proposition, and effective account acquisition strategies.

Gap Analysis Sales Effectiveness
Gap Analysis

Pinpoint critical sales effectiveness gaps in your organization and devise actionable plans to bridge them.

Sales Organizational Design
Sales Organizational Design

Craft a high-performance sales organization with an optimal mix of roles and structure, precisely aligned with your unique business needs and goals.

Compensation Design
Compensation Design

Effective compensation design aligns incentives with your critical business goals, while balancing acquisition vs. retention, growth vs. profitability, and market penetration vs. optimization.


Develop your reporting systems to improve transparency and accountability, giving you clear insights for smarter strategic choices and superior business results.

Performance Management

Implement a straightforward and impactful Performance Management system to spark team growth and drive success.

Sales Enablement Design

Sales teams deliver better results when fully enabled. Equip your sales team for success by providing instant access to crucial tools, resources, and information, ensuring they have what they need, when they need it.

Measurement & Reporting
Coaching and Training

Leverage our extensive coaching and training experience to offer your team practical growth opportunities and hands-on, tactical advice.

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Here’s how a Sales Force
Effectiveness strategy work for you

Every company needs a tailored approach to these components of sales force effectiveness. You may know what areas need attention and which areas are already dialed in. Some of these may be more or less important depending on the nature of your company and the markets you serve.

Strategic Alignment

Decisions made in the sales department, whether short and long-term, need to be driven by strategic alignment with the company’s go-to-market strategy and broader business objectives.


Sales teams need a leader who can guide them to deliver results that support the company’s objective. Successful leaders are those who offer strategic direction, role modeling, internal advocacy, and support that inspires the team.


Does your current sales department possess the organizational structure, capabilities, drive, adaptability, business acumen and learning culture required to perform now and into the future?


Sales tactics are the tangible, everyday drivers of sales effectiveness. Maximize your sales tactics by strategically selecting and executing customer-centric approaches that are valued by target customers and support the company’s brand among all audiences.

Targeting & Segmentation

The selection and prioritization of target market segments, channel partners and strategic accounts profoundly impact sales effectiveness, business health, and strategic positioning.


Sales management effectiveness hinges on proficiency across a variety of interdependent disciplines including financial acumen, organizational development, performance management, and forecasting and pipeline management.

Sales Enablement

Sales organizations can significantly enhance their effectiveness, productivity and market relevance by taking advantage of the exponential growth in the variety of AI tools and traditional systems available.


To effectively gauge and drive sales performance, KPIs should be selectively curated, aligned with company objectives, and be tied to accountabilities that are controllable (to the maximum extent possible) by the sales department.

Case Studies

There is no substitute for rich, industry diverse real-world experience.

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Services Provided

Go-to-Market Design / Account Acquisition / Recruiting / Organizational Design / Management / Compensation / Forecasting / Marketing Consulting

The Sales Effectiveness Challenge

Kanto developed two audio/video consumer product lines but after years of trying, had not managed to develop an effective sales force or new paths to market. The retail landscape was flooded with well-entrenched competing brands in what was regarded as a commodity category. Retailers were not open to reviewing the category as they deemed it a low priority. Kanto needed to change the way the industry viewed the category.

The Solution

I developed cohesive go-to-market strategy and effective account acquisition methodology, recruited and trained a talented sales force, developed sales management tools and processes and built accountability focused forecasting and reporting systems. Kanto became an international leading brand in Consumer Electronics and Residential Integration.

David Reid
Kanto Audio

“Eric drove our go-to-market strategy, built and led a high-performance sales team and was was instrumental in acquiring an impressive network of world class distribution and retail partners.”


Services Provided

Consulting / Gap Analysis / Sales Force Training / Executive Coaching

The Sales Effectiveness Challenge

The Refinery expanded their team due to increased demand, yet their short-term contracts necessitate a robust sales funnel to secure new clients and prevent downsizing post-contract. Their sole sales expert was preoccupied with fulfilling existing contracts and team oversight. There was an urgent need to upskill other team members to effectively engage with top executives in major firms for new opportunities.

The Solution

I crafted tailored coaching and workshops for their top executives and consultants. Throughout the year, I collaborated with their teams across Mexico, the US, and Canada to create a targeting and communication strategy. This strategy successfully engaged senior leaders in major pharmaceutical, energy, and telecom companies.

David Gibbons
Refinery Leadership

“..initiatives included sales training, strategic consulting, tactical design and implementation of a sales plan, communication, and messaging strategy. He is very vested in the results. In addition, Eric’s personable style makes him a pleasure to work with. I am very thankful that we found Eric to help us. He has made a profound impact on the team.”

Self portrait of CEO

Unlocking Business Potential

Eric is a seasoned Sales Effectiveness Consultant, Trainer and Advisor with a track record of generating $100M+ in client growth, specializing in optimizing go-to-market strategies and building high-performing sales organizations for mid-market businesses.

With vast experience across industries, his accomplishments include building sales teams, developing international sales channels, and securing seven-figure contracts with multi-billion dollar corporations.

Eric’s hands-on approach and ability to deliver results make him valuable to organizations seeking enhanced sales effectiveness. Committed to continuous learning, Eric has designed cutting-edge sales methodology training for prestigious organizations. As Chair of the Executive Council and Sales and Marketing Councils, he collaborates with senior leaders to address critical issues and foster strategic growth initiatives.

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