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sales and marketing consulting

I specialize in working with B2B companies that generate between $5M to $50M in revenue and want to steepen their growth curve by improving results generated by their sales and marketing departments.
Market share growth and entry into new markets are results delivered to my clients.














A knack for figuring out what needs to be done and leading teams in a hands-on approach to dramatically increase profitable revenue.


Over a 20+ year span, I’ve enjoyed working with clients have from diverse industries.  My clients have achivied dramatic gains in revenue growth by optimizing sales and marketing strategies and processes that I’ve developed for them. This has resulted in my clients gaining market share, opening new markets, and obtaining key industry partnerships.
As a consultant I have helped companies get back on the path to growth by restructuring sales departments, implementing effective new management practices, and building high performance sales and management teams. On the marketing side, my track record is centered around concieving and delivering marketing programs to launch start-ups, rebrand corporate identity, and create pervasive brand awareness for my clients.
I’ve led these initiatives in a wide range of companies spanning:
  • high-tech
  • business services
  • professinoal services
  • manufacturing
  • consumer products

Consulting Services

Sales management assessment

  • Current sales management practices
  • Talent assesment
  • Pipeline health and management

Go-to-market strategy

  • Target markets assessment & recommendations
  • Sales and marketing strategy and messaging
  • Resources and partnerships

Sales systems, tools, processes and practices

  • Assement of key execution capabiliites
  • Recommendation and implimentation of tools and practices
  • KPI’s to provide feedback and continuous improvement

Pricing and forecasting models

  • Pricing alignment to company objectives
  • Demand planning for supply chain management
  • Revenue and gross margin targets

Track Record

Consumer Electronics – Kanto Living

Kanto Living, a Consumer Electronics brand needed a new way to approach sales, achieve quick revenue diversification and growth.

Kanto hired me to scale up and lead their sales department. I lead sales strategy, organization structure, channel strategy, people development and all aspects sales management and marketing.  I have also played an instrumental role in the development of strategic planning for the company.

In five years, we dramatically increased revenue and built relationships with the largest Consumer Electronics retailers and distribution partners in Canada and the US and became a respected international brand.



“Eric has exceeded my expectations. 

 Five years ago, we connected, he joined our organization, and quickly gained my confidence to run our sales division. Eric’s credentials spoke for themselves. As time passed, I learned that he well exceeded his printed abilities – as he re-shaped our group and brought needed structure to our sales team.

Eric has proven himself a competent leader, trusted senior manager, and exceptional salesperson. He brings well thought through logic and vision to our growth. I’m confident in saying we would not have achieved our successes in retail and commercial accounts without the efforts of Eric.

I would recommend Eric, with enthusiasm, for any senior role that requires a proven leader with vision, and most importantly the ability to gain trust and access to key senior business contacts.”

David Reid, CEO, Kanto Living Inc.

High Tech Entertainment – Parasol Advanced Systems
Parasol Advanced Systems created a leading edge high tech, high capital entertainment lighting system.
Having developed proprietary technology, patents and proof of concept, they were having challenges commercializing the technology through their existing sales channels. Parasol hired me to find a new way to market.
Within a about a year of hiring me, we changed our approach to channel development, concieved a unique sales and marketing strategy and  achieved pervasive industry awareness and key partners.  This resulted in distribution in North America, Europe and Asia.



“Eric has demonstrated very high levels of professionalism, communication skills, strategic thinking and creativity. Some of his contributions include:

  1. Conceived and developed original marketing collateral materials
  2. Conveived and implemented a marketing strategy
  3. Achived initial market penetration in the US
  4. Helped achieve initial market penetration in Europe
  5. Drove development of multi media investor presentation
  6. Played a key role in developing financial pro formas

I am happy to recommend Eric Smith to any organization that requires a top calibre professional.

Hermann Fruhm, CEO, Parasol Advanced Systems Inc.

Manufacturing – Kostklip

Kostklip is a manufacturer of retail merchandising solutions. After years of flat sales and disappointing sales leadership, Kostklip hired me to advise on solutions for their sales department.

I helped Kostklip re-organize their sales department, hire a new Director of Sales and establish new pipeline and sales management systems. Kostklip returned to double digit sales growth after implementing my recommendations.



“We have begun implementing the recommendations and have mandated 90% of the recommendations.

We have seen early tangible results and I have since engaged Eric in a second contract…I am very happy with the work Eric provided and the quality of his insight, work ethic and professionalism”.

John Philippson, CEO, Kostklip

Consumer Soft Goods – SnugSleep

SnugSleep is a manufacturer of bedding products. After 10 years of stalled sales growth they needed a new way to generate sales channels.

They hired me to lead sales and marketing and develop a novel approach to gain retail distribution. Within a year we gained national retail and distribution channels. We sold out the entire production capacity of the manufacturing facilities.



“Eric is very professional in all aspects of business had an excellent understanding of marketing and sales strategies and will be a great asset to any company he is associated with”

Donald Eady, President, SnugSleep

Professional Services – The Refinery Leadership Partners

The Refinery Leadership Partners needed a way to open doors and start conversations with C-level executives in very large, highly technical industries where they did not have any brand awareness or relationships. 

They hired me to work with their senior executives and management consultants to develop a methodology to gain audience with C-level executives in target industries. I developed a series of training workshops in Mexico, US and Canada for their management consultants. I developed a client specific messaging strategy and a tactical roadmap to gain meetings with their target audience.

Using the methods, I developed for them, and the skill sets we developed, we were able to get meetings with senior executives in major Energy, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical and Mining companies.



“Throughout these engagement Eric has truly played the role of a trusted advisor. His work ethic, professionalism and high standards have been inspiring to me and my team. I look forward to continue to work with Eric on an ongoing basis moving forward.”

David Gibbons, Partner, The Refinery Leadership Partners

Business Services – CareerPlan

CareerPlan was a retail career transition services company who wanted to re-brand and enter the corporate outplacement business. I was hired to lead their sales and marketing efforts.

I lead a complete re-branding and built industry relationships which lead to an international referral partnership, pervasive market awareness and penetration into target market segments such as IT, Healthcare, Not-for profit and other target client segments. 


“The results over the past year have exceeded our expectations. We have achieved market penetration and significant brand recognition…and our corporate revenues have grown very sharply.”

Rick MacDonald, Executive Director, Career Plan

Independent Sales Representation

Over the span of about 15 years I helped many manufacturers achieve breakthrough sales results including penetration into the world’s largest retailers including Big-Box Retail, Club Store, National Chains, Buying Groups and Distribution throughout North America.

Facilitation – Canadian Manufacturer’s and Exporters Association

For a period of five years, I facilitated a CEO peer group for the Canadian Manufacturer’s and Exporters Association. My role in the executive council was to ensure that each business leader’s most important issues were discussed in a format and culture that fostered candor, problem solving and trust.

Instruction and Training – Sauder Executive Education

I designed and deliver “Sales Acumen for Non-Sales Professionals” for Sauder Executive Education.  Aimed at senior managers and business leaders in IT, Engineering, HR, and other professional fields, this course develops sales acumen in highly educated people, often with technical backgrounds.

I have achieved top-tier ratings from participants over the five-year span of this constantly evolving course.



“Eric has been an integral member of the instruction team and his contribution has been immensely valuable to the continuing success of Executive Education. I would like to personally thank him for the collaboration and partnership in delivering an exceptional learning experience and impact to our participants.”

Anson Tung, Director, Open Enrolment

Instruction and Training – Private Clients

Private clients such as BHRMA, Canadian Association of Management Consultants, Boyden Executive Search and KPMG have hired me to produce and deliver workshops for their members.

The driving theme behind these programs has been “Selling the Intangible” which is a proprietary learning program I developed for my clients.


Eric Smith,   Provoke Consulting